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We are honored to be selected as the #2 Boutique Hotel in the Midwest by AAA Best of the Midwest 2012!

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Chateau Avalon's Gold, Silver, and Bronze Olympic Specials! Go USA!

To celebrate the Summer Olympics, the Chateau Avalon is offering patriotic pricing for each of our Luxury, Adventure and Classic Suites!
(Olympic Suite Specials Good 7/27/12 – 8/12/12 & Exclude Saturdays)Olympic Medals

Book any “Gold” Luxury Suite for only $249!

Book any “Silver” Adventure Suite for only $179!

Book any “Bronze” Classic Suite for only $149!

Just like the Olympic Athletes…once their event is over they get a relaxing massage, so we’re including a fantastic Spa promotion too!

Purchase a $100 Spa Voucher for only $75!
(Offer Good Any Day, Including Saturdays!)

Chateau Avalon celebrates the Olympic Games!


The Olympic Games will soon commence in London and here at Chateau Avalon, are getting excited! There is nothing quite like cheering on our teams as we watch these tremendous athletes compete for worldwide honors. As we look forward to the games, we invite our fans and friends alike to test your knowledge with these Summer Olympics Trivia Questions. (Written by Drs. Barre and Barry Wright for Savannah Morning News - click on the link for the complete list of trivia questions.)Olympic Tower Bridge resized

  • What is the Olympic motto? (“Citius, Aliticus, Fortius” which translates from Latin as Faster, Higher, Stronger)
  • The Olympic flag features five interlocking rings. What do the rings symbolize? (The five inhabited continents of the world)
  •  Why are the colors of the Olympic flag’s rings blue, black, red, yellow, and green? (Because the flag of every country participating in the Olympics includes at least one of these 5 colors)
  •  Name the nine sports featured in the first Modern Olympic Games (athletics, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, weightlifting, wrestling, swimming, tennis and shooting)
  • The Summer and Winter Olympic Games were customarily held in the same year until when? (1992)
  • How many U.S. athletes have competed in both the Summer and the Winter Games? (17)
  •  Why did the U.S. boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow? (The U.S. was protesting the Soviet war in Afghanistan)
  •  How many times in the past has London hosted the Olympics? (Twice, once in 1908 and once in 1948)
  •  What will be a first for the 2012 London Olympics? (All participating nations will have at least one female athlete competing)
  •  About how many athletes will compete in London? (10,500 individuals representing more than 205 nations)
  •  What is the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete against each other? (Equestrian)
  •  Of 28 modern Olympic sports, in what category has the U.S. never won a medal? (Badminton)
  • Boxing was an event at the Games in ancient Greece. In what year and where did Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) win the gold medal? (1960 in Rome)
  •  Which sport of the Summer Games has the highest number of athlete participating? (Track and field events with 2,000 competitors)
  •  What is the maximum number of competitors each country can enter in the Archery event? (Six total with three of each gender)
  •  Based on ticket sales, for which event is the overall demand the greatest? (Men’s 100-meter final)
  •  Based on ticket sales, which event is most popular with London government officials? (Beach volleyball)
  •  In what order do countries traditionally enter Olympic Stadium at the Games’ opening ceremonies’ Parade of Nations? (Greece, in honor of being the home of the ancient Olympics, enters first and the host nation enters last)
  •  In what sport for the 2012 Olympics was the U.S. the only country to qualify the maximum number of participants? (Fencing. We qualified the maximum 16 fencers)
  • In what sport for the 2012 Olympics will Saudi Arabia’s first female Olympian participate? (Equestrian. However, Dalma Rushi Malhas’s jumper has reportedly sustained an injury to his foreleg and that may prevent her competing)
  • Kim Rhode, at age 16, was the youngest member of the U.S. 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic team when she won her first gold medal. If she medals in the London 2012 Games, she will be the first American to medal in five straight Olympics. What’s her sport? (Shooting. She is a shotgun specialist)
  •  The size, shape, weight and center of gravity of javelins are standardized in international competition. How long is the javelin men throw? (8’6”-8”10”)
  •  How many overall medals did U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps win in the Athens and Beijing Games? (16 total of which were 14 gold and two bronze)
  •  What country has won the most gold medals in men’s field hockey? (India) In women’s field hockey? (The Netherlands)
  •  What four events of the Summer Olympics does NBC Sports say Americans most want to watch on TV? (Track and field, swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball)
  •  What city will host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games? (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it will the first time the Olympics have been held in South America)

Enjoy these questions and share them with your friends, family and co-workers -- you are sure to impress with your vast wealth of Olympic knowledge!

P.S. To celebrate the Olympic Games, look for a "Gold Medal Special" from us very soon! Make sure to leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Olympic event is!

Chateau Avalon's Best Romance Movies of All Time!


It's HOT outside and here at Chateau Avalon, many of us plan to spend the weekend inside enjoying the wonderful A/C! If that's your plan, why not cuddle up with the one you love and enjoy a few classic romance films? While some movies on our list are "classic" in terms of old, others have managed to secure the title and classification of "best of..." simply based on the story line alone. From the moment they were released in theatres, both audiences and critics instantly knew that these movies would stand the test of time. Check out our list, (adapted from, and see if your favorites are included. Make sure to leave a comment and tell us where your favorite ranked. If it's not on our list, tell us what it is!Casablanca

10. 'Ghost' (1990) While Whoopi Goldberg's dead-people-seeing psychic borders on the wacky (she did win an Oscar, go figure), this drama has one of the best love scenes of the decade. Messy clay. 'Unchained Melody.' Demi Moore and that perfect teardrop. Priceless.

9. 'Dr. Zhivago' (1965)
Who knew snow could be so sexy? Surgeon-poet Yuri (Omar Sharif) is married, but he can't resist the idealistic and soulful Lara (Julie Christie). It's sappy, it's sad, and the theme song will drive you insane, but these two beautiful adulterers are impossible not to root for.

8. 'Annie Hall' (1977)
Audiences fell hard for this bittersweet love story between Alvy (a comically neurotic Woody Allen) and Annie (Diane Keaton, in an Oscar-winning performance) -- about as hard as Alvy falls for Annie, you might say. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll "luurve" it.

7. 'Moonstruck' (1987)
Cher is a widow marrying a nice-but-boring man (Danny Aiello) -- until she meets his wildly passionate brother (Nicolas Cage). How nice it is to remember the 'Treasure'-hunting Cage as a brooding bad boy -- and a surprisingly seductive one at that.

6. 'The Way We Were' (1973)
Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford may not seem like a love match (he's an uptight WASP, she's an idealistic socialist), but that's what makes them so memorable. Because she wants it to work out so badly, so do we.

5. 'Gone With the Wind' (1939)
This sweeping Civil War drama about a Southern belle (Vivien Leigh) and a rogue (Clark Gable) is a love story with as many heart-stopping victories and reversals as the war itself. Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn.

4. 'An Affair to Remember' (1957)
Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet on a cruise and promise to reconnect six months later atop the Empire State building. If you get sucked in, don't feel bad. 'Sleepless in Seattle' director Nora Ephron loves it, too

3. 'Wuthering Heights' (1939)
A rich girl (Merle Oberon) rejects her stable boy/true love (Laurence Olivier), but soon realizes her mistake. Of course, it's not until she's on her deathbed that the two lovers reconnect. Haunting has never been so romantic.

2. 'Titanic' (1997)
The ultimate date movie, this weepy flick has a big boat, awesome special effects and Kate Winslet to keep guys entertained. Women have plenty to swoon over thanks to the tragic love story and dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio. King of the world, indeed.

1. 'Casablanca' (1942)
When Humphrey Bogart tells Ingrid Bergman she has to leave him or regret it "maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon, and for the rest of your life," waterworks are unavoidable. Sixty-five years later, no film has better nailed a true romance.

Do you agree with the rankings?? What are your favorites? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!

Chateau Avalon finds Summer Fun in Kansas City!


Summer can be both the best of times and the worst of times for many families. While we all love to spend time with our kids, we are often looking for things to do that will be fun and exciting but also something that won't break the bank! Here in Kansas City, there are a lot of things to do and explore that can be new, even to a lifelong resident. Here are some of our favorite places to find summer fun in Kansas City!:Summer Fun in Kansas City!

- The Deanna Rose Childrens' Farmstead - Located in Overland Park, this is a special place for kids to go to have fun with your kids. You can walk the nature trail, sit in the butterfly garden, visit the petting zoo, pan for gold and even hook a live worm. The best part is, this is a free activity -- they only ask for donations.

- Shawnee Mission Theatre in the Park - This is always a favorite among our staff and kids. If your child has a knack for the theatrical, this may be just the inspiration they need to explore their talents! Not only is it fun for kids, but the adults never complain about going either. Bring your blankets and lawn chairs -- they have concessions available or you can even bring in a picnic! New this year...Panera Bread is available for concessions!

- Union Station - is always a fun option for a day out. The travelling exhibits are always changing and there is definitely something for everyone. It's a great way to explore the history of Kansas City and do some fun things too! Make sure to check out Science City while you're there!

- T-Bones Baseball - We may be a little partial since they're our neighbors but nothing beats a T-Bones Baseball Game! Take the little ones out for the ballgame and have a night of family fun! Make sure to click on the link above to plan your visit!

- Kansas City Explorers - Not your typical tennis experience, this is a must-do in Kansas City! Cheer for our team in a high-energy tennis environment. As their website says, "No golf claps allowed!" 

- Pick berries at The Berry Patch -- You will need to hurry because the season is almost over but there are still a few weeks left to pick! This is a great thing to do with kids -- afterwards, make fresh berry pies together!

Therse are only a few of our favorite things to do here in Kansas City! Leave a comment and share with us what YOUR favorite things are!



Chateau Avalon celebrates the 4th of July in Kansas City!


Come celebrate the 4th of July with Chateau Avalon in Kansas City! Whether you are looking for a romantic evening or a family-friendly event, Kansas City has a lot to offer. Check out this list of fun things to do in the area:

  • KC Riverfest will take place on the 4th of July from 1 p.m. - 11 p.m. at Berkley Park (Downtown KC). There will be live performances, family activities and games, delicious food, fun entertainment and top-notch fireworks. Come join the fun!Fireworks
  • Parkville 4th of July Celebration - The action will take place in Historic Downtown Parkville, MO. There will fireworks and fun for the whole family. Click on the provided link to get a schedule of activities!
  • T-Bones Baseball - Come out to the ball game and enjoy 4th of July fun and a great American past-time! There will be special $4 GA/Berm tickets available and $1 hotdogs with ANY beverage purchase!
These are only a few of the fun things available to do in the area! Have a very safe and happy 4th of July with the ones you love!
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