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Chateau Avalon Elf At Work

Posted by Steve Beaumont on Thu, Dec 01,2011 @ 01:24

describe the imageThe Christmas decor has been going up all over the Chateau Avalon the last two days.  I always love watching this transition.  Then when I get home I have the kids wanting to do the same thing there.  So this week feels like 24/7 decorating.  Just call me Fenwick the Elf.

Speaking of "elf", I just bought a copy of the movie Elf for the Chateau Avalon.  It has become one of my personal Christmas classics along with such noteables as Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and of course Its A Wonderful Life.  So if you stay with us in December be sure and ask to watch it.  Will Ferrel is hilarious as the man-child elf. 

There are lots of fun things happening at the Chateau Avalon this month.  Tomorrow (December 2) is the December Wine Tasting.  We are going to be sampling little known wines that you can pair with holiday favorites like ham and turkey.  Chef Eric has some great appetizers in the works.  I am sure the whole hotel will start smelling great sometime tomorrow afternoon.  If you haven't gotten your tickets yet we have 6 left as of the time of this writting.  Call the front desk to get yours (913) 596-6000.

In addition to the wine tasting this month, we have the pleasure of hosting a number of company's Christmas parties.  We make special rate deals in December for groups that want to host their annual holiday party and offer the safety and convenience of a hotel suite so no one has to drive.  There are a few dates remaining so contact Jayme if you would like have one for yourself. 

Last but not least, December is by far our biggest gift certificate sales month.  If you don't think Dad wants another sweater, or if you just can't think of what to get for that employee or client that went the extra mile, give the gift of an escape to Chateau Avalon.  We have companies that have bought all of their Christmas gifts for employees here.  The more you buy the more you save. 

OK after such a self-serving, blantant commercial I think it is important to remind you, and myself, what this holiday is truly about.  Its not about what we get but what we got a little over 2,000 years ago.  Merry Christmas.

Steve Beaumont

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