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It’s ok to be in d’Nile... the Chateau Avalon d'Nile Wine Bar!

Posted by Steve Beaumont on Fri, May 25,2012 @ 01:51

The Chateau Avalon is proud to announce the opening of our d’Nile Wine Bar.  Since the Chateau Avalon opened you have been requesting a quiet bar where you can relax and visit.  We listened and delivered.   

d’Nile is a quaint hideaway on the first floor.  Don’t you hate it when you go to a restaurant with your loved one and cannot hear what they are saying because of the noise and acoustics?  Then you should be in d’Nile.  Soundproof fabric panels adorn the walls to keep conversations intimate and echoes minimized.

d'Nile Wine Bar













As you have come to expect from Chateau Avalon, d’Nile is one of the most thematic, intimate and fun wine bars you have ever seen.   From our “quicksand” floor to our 8’ tall gold Egyptian statues, there is plenty to feast your eyes upon.  Our unique menu with top rated wines, spirits, and small plates will give you plenty to feast your taste buds on. 

d’Nile prides itself on being out of the ordinary by carrying quality wines that you simply will not find at most bars and restaurants.  In addition to numerous selections from smaller wineries, vintners like BR Cohn, Brancott Estate and Chateau St. Michelle have some of their most distinctive and celebrated wines showcased at d’Nile.  Best of all d’Nile offers small (187 and 375ml) bottles so you can take a chance on wines you might not have otherwise tried. 

Our signature cocktails are truly something to behold!  We use only the finest spirits in the world to handcraft them.  Selections include Tito’s Vodka, Hacienda Tequila and Hendrick’s Gin.  With these, we also feature unique infusions, simple syrups and fresh ingredients that make our signature cocktails truly special. 

Those that do not drink alcohol are too often left to drink a glass of water or the ubiquitous soda pop offering.  Not in d’Nile.  For those of you who want to enjoy d’Nile but prefer not to indulge in wine or spirits, we also offer some tasty and creative non-alcoholic selections.  Try our Berry Beaumont, a blend of fresh squeezed lemonade, berries, simple syrup and mint or one of our other unique options.

In addition to all of our great wines and spirits, d’Nile also features a revamped and expanded small plate and dessert menu.  Choices like our delicious crab cakes and chicken skewers will satisfy your hunger, and the sinful desserts like chocolate fondant cake and lemon truffles will calm your cravings.  The entire new menu is available in d’Nile or, if you prefer, for room service.

Best of all, d’Nile opens up to our amazing and romantic North Patio.  You can sit in this secluded hideaway engulfed in hanging flowered baskets.  Romantic crooners softly play in the background while .you relax with a glass of wine and dessert under our garden lights and marvel at the beauty of the Monte Cristo tower.  If you time it right you might even see some our hummingbirds as they visit the patio for their daily meals.

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