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If The Future Is Now, What Is Tomorrow?

Posted by Steve Beaumont on Fri, Oct 12,2012 @ 08:49

Mobile CD PlayerIt does not seem like 2004 was that long ago.   But how things have changed.  Take a walk with me back to 2004.  
Everyone listened to their music on the run with a mobile CD player.  Did anyone else's skip all the time?  In just two years we would all be wanting something called and iPod.
Film cameras were being replaced by digital ones that had an amazing 1 megapixel resolution.  Today we are disappointed with less than 12 megapixels.
A couple of cellular companies announced that they believed soon they would be able to bring video to our phones.
A few pioneers began publishing web logs.  They called them "blogs".   
A small company called Google said they would change the market by giving people FREE email addresses with lots of web storage.  NOTE: That same Google high speed this year intends to revolutionize home internet with 100X speed digital fiber starting right here in old KC.  
The compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) was not invented yet.  
The new TV that everyone wanted was called a Plasma.  A 42" screen cost over $4,000!
Things have really changed and so must the Chateau Avalon.   When I put in those flat glass TV's in the hotel, they were the state of the art.  Other hotels were still installing TVs with rounded tubes and standard size was 27".   
This week it is time again to upgrade the Chateau Avalon to stay ahead of the curve.  We are putting 100% LED TVs throughout the hotel.  They are just 1.5" thick with extraordinary picture quality.  
In November we will also be converting from the current 18 stations to over 80 stations most of which offering true hi-def programing.  This increased programming will allow us to also remove the antiquated DVD players from the suites.   
These LED tvs will consume just a fraction of the energy of the previous glass tube TVs with better quality and other device connectivity.   
So with all the changes in the last 9 years it begs the question, what will be watch our shows on 9 years from now? Perhaps a piece of glass?  Don't laugh...   
Steve Beaumont

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