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Book your Meeting now at the Chateau Avalon!

Posted by Jayme Clark on Wed, Jan 23,2013 @ 03:52

Did you know we have meeting space at the Chateau Avalon? Are you looking for a unique, inspiring space to hold a meeting? How about a location that provides entertainment and ease of planning? Whether you are looking for a retreat destination, a small sales meeting venue, a location for a brainstorming session, marriage retreat, party or any other event, Chateau Avalon is the place to be.

Meetings can be both productive and enjoyable for the attendees if the meeting planner takes time to be creative. Team-building is one of the most important features of any good meeting. If your team enjoys working together, great results will be right around the corner.Meeting Space

In his article entitled, "Make Meetings Matter", Charlie Hawkins, MBA, shares a list of tips about how to make meetings more fun (...and productive.) Throughout the article, Hawkins lists ways to engage your team in games and other unique methods to get people talking and ideas generated.

Here at the Chateau Avalon, we offer private wine and beer tastings to encourage team building. We can do "blind" wine tastings -- it is always a lot of fun to watch the dynamics of a team as they try to guess which wine is which and which is the most expensive, etc.

Think of the Chateau Avalon next time you're planning a meeting in the Kansas City area -- we can help provide a personalized experience that is sure to generate positive results.

For more information or to book an event, please contact our Director of Sales, Jayme Humenczuk, at 913-596-6000 ext. 409 or jaymec@chateauavalonhotel.com

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