Congratulations! By becoming a Chateau Avalon Passport V.I.P., you are now eligible to receive special discounts and extras on Chateau Avalon suites and services!

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Chateau Avalon Passport Program

Every time you book a suite at Chateau Avalon, your Passport will be stamped, documenting the suites you have visited. The more stamps you collect, the greater the rewards. You will also receive discounts for referring others to stay. Included in the Passport are Referral Coupons to be given to friends and family encouraging them to experience the extraordinary escape Chateau Avalon offers. Every time you refer a guest to stay at Chateau Avalon, you will receive an additional 10% off your next stay. Refer two friends—get 20% off your next stay, refer three friends—get 30% off your next stay, etc. Refer to the discount breakdown below to see how your membership in the Chateau Avalon Passport Program will benefit you! 

Stay-by-Stay Rewards for Passport V.I.P.s: 

Stay #1 - Passport enrollment 

Stay #2 - Passport V.I.P. Package* 

Stay #3 - Passport V.I.P. Package*

Stay #4 - Small Spa Package

Stay #5 - Small Spa Package

Stay #6 - Large Spa Package

Stay #7 - Complimentary stay in any of our Adventure or Classic suites 

*Passport V.I.P. Package includes: Complimentary rose petal turndown and four chocolate-dipped strawberries (a $30.00 value). 

** Spa Packages include: A blend of bath salts, lotion, bubble bath, body wash and body mist. 

Additional benefits: 

- 20% off when you stay on your birthday. 

- Invitations to special Chateau Avalon events such as wine tastings, concerts and other special events. 

- Unlimited Referral Coupons.