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US National Soccer Training

US National Soccer Training

2.0 Miles from hotel
Visit the state-of-the-art Compass Minerals National Performance Center in Kansas City. This facility can host clubs and national teams worldwide. With cutting-edge facilities and amenities, this facility works towards the overall development of soccer in the United States.
US National Soccer Training - Location

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    • Corporate dinners

    • Large banquets

    • Business meetings

    • Holiday parties

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    • Soccer training

    • Gym

Traveler's Insights

What type of events can you host at Compass Minerals National Performance Center?

You can host a variety of events including corporate dinners, large banquets, fundraising events, holiday parties, weddings and receptions, breakout sessions, business meetings, and conferences.

What facilities are available at the Sports Performance Lab?

Some of the facilities available at the sports performance lab include:

• Neuropsychology Office

• Hyperbaric Chambers

• Cryotherapy Lab

• Recovery Room

• Massage Suite

• Accupower Force Plate

• Environmental/Atmospheric Chamber

• Physician’s Clinic